Sen. James Lankford on ABC: Polarization of ‘Growing (Mueller) Chaos’ is Distracting from National Security

- Juli 29, 2018



Republican Sen. James Lankford of the Senate Intelligence Committee appeared on ABC’s This Week Sunday to talk about Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Lankford pointed out the “growing chaos” of the probe, labeling the mammoth mess as “confused” due to “constant accusations” coming from both sides.

Furthermore, the entire debacle has resulted, in Lankford’s view, in a complete political polarization.

“I think the whole thing has gotten confused, quite frankly. … Americans turn on the TV every day and, regardless of what channel or where they go to look for news online or in print, it’s constantly something else seems to be the story.”

Lankford also believes the Russia collusion madness has stolen the spotlight from very real national security issues:

“I think we’ve lost track of the fact that the Russians were trying to interfere in our election and to sow chaos into our democracy and every single day. … I see a growing chaos in our democracy just in the constant accusations back and forth.”

He also conceded that discussion with Moscow (brace yourself, left-wingers) is something in which Trump should be engaging:

“Even with the Russians interfering in our elections, we need to be able to have dialogues with them, we need to have open lines of communication, the same as what President Obama did in the past when he had open meetings with Putin, knowing that Putin was trying to interfere in our elections.”

This past week, Trump invited Putin to an autumn romp in D.C. Later, he postponed the invite for 2019 (covered, with sarcasm, here). On Friday, Putin made it known The Donald is welcome to come for an excellent adventure in Moscow (explained here).

While Trump juggles invitations, Lankford and Democratic Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar are trying to protect 2020: earlier this month, they spearheaded a congressional proposal intended to protect U.S. elections from Russia intrusion.

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