More Democratic Incivility: Kentucky Secretary of State Mocks Rand Paul’s Savage Beating

- Agustus 04, 2018



I’ve written in the past about the deterioration of civility (such as these two articles). The side of the political aisle that once claimed tolerance — although they were never, as a whole, even slight practitioners of it — have discarded any pretense. Since the election of Donald Trump, the Left have torpedoed down into a bottomless well of nauseating ad nauseam.

Continuing along the lines of the death of feigned respect — which, so far as I’m concerned, isn’t just a vacancy of decorum but a shameful example for young people — Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Grimes purportedly make a joke Friday about Sen. Rand Paul’s brutal 2017 beating at his home.

According to the AP, while at the Fancy Farm Picnic in Graves County — an annual event representing the beginning of campaign season — Lundergan stated that Paul can be beaten:

“Alison Lundergan Grimes on Rand Paul: ‘Just ask his neighbor. He can be beaten.'”

The comment, of course, referred to the savage beating Paul took at the hands of his Democratic neighbor last November. Paul suffered broken ribs, as well as pneumonia due to fluid build-up outside his lungs.

Last month (as covered here), Paul reported that his family had been threatened by as murder. Previously, Paul found his life in danger during the Congressional Baseball Game for Charity, during which a political terrorist attacked with a gun.

In my article “The Left Ratchets Up…To Murder?” I profiled Maxine Waters’s disgusting incitement of harassment toward Trump administration officials, and just as egregious was the fact that Waters lied about the reasons for that persecution — family separation at the border:

“We don’t know what damage has been done to these children. All that we know is they’re in cages. They’re in prisons. They’re in jails. I don’t care what they call it, that’s where they are and Mr. President, we will see you every day, every hour of the day, everywhere that we are to let you know you cannot get away with this”

Maxine conveniently left out the fact that the separation she was castigating was in fact due to the actions of Democrats (explained here)

The Left isn’t just escalating dangerous and violent rhetoric; they’re using lies to support their treachery. And those lies, believed by the wrong people, may lead to something much worse than mere violence.

Our politics must return to a level of civility, and to the once-revered standard of truth. Not just by politicians (who, admittedly, have always had a knack for fudging), but the media, which have, as of late, betrayed the American people (shown here and here).

There must be an end to this, before someone gets irreversibly hurt.

In the meantime, if the AP report is true, Kentucky’s Secretary of State should be held accountable.

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