Secret Service and Antifa Clash Near White House

- Agustus 12, 2018

Image via Twitter

Looks like this big media day ended with little to show for it, at least from the media perspective. The neo-Nazis were small in number and well-behaved. The media’s favorite side, the so-called antifa, was out of control and prone to violence but about 80% of the media had their black bandannas in their pockets.

As the event wound down, there was a clash between the antifa goons and uniformed Secret Service near the White House. Apparently, it was set off when the Secret Service made it clear they were going to escort the “Unite the Right” clowns out of the area.

This bunch has been coddled and lionized by the left in general and by the media in particular. Each appearance gets more tense and more violent as they are led to believe that they are untouchable. Inevitably, something very bad and very permanent is going to happen to this bunch of weenie-armed goons. When it does, the press is going to blame everyone but itself.

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